Parking Stalls

Because not all parking lots have the same requirements, we have detailed the different stalls available. Please keep in mind that your individual needs may vary from the samples provided.

The basic stalls include the regular stall, small car stalls, handicapped stalls, as well as truck and R/V parking. All the stalls mentioned can also be configured for angled parking. Motorcycle stalls can also be configured to suit your individual needs

Regular Stalls

The regular stall is a stall that is usually within the 8 to 9 foot width with a length that is usually 16 to 18 feet. This size will accomodate most of today's vehicles. Larger stalls will generally fall into the category of handicap, bus or RV stalls. Smaller stalls of course are small car stalls. The majority of the work and layout we do is with the regular size stalls.

Small Car

The small car stall is a great tool for areas where there is just not enough room for a full sized stall. Not only does it provide a necessary stall for today's smaller cars but also allows the site planner to maximize the parking space available. Without sacrificing a potential parking spot due to a minor obstacle the small car stall may be the best solution. This stall is generally required to have a stencil defining it clearly. Depending on the area it may also be a by-law requirement.

Accessibility Symbol

The International Symbol Of Accessibility is a standardized symbol used to designate parking for persons with special needs. Usually the stall is a bit larger to accommodate the variety of vehicle conversions that are available. The symbol can be used in either yellow or white with or without a background. The background can either be a simple one colour background or can be painted with a border. We have included several examples below for your perusal.

Truck / RV / Bus Stalls

Truck / RV / Bus stalls are specialized stalls, usually defined by whatever vehicle will be occupying that particular stall. For example a 40 ft bus would require a 40 ft. stall. This stall would also have to allow for the vehicle to enter and exit the stall as well. Depending on the number of stalls and the size, we can work with you to maximize the parking space while minimizing wasted space.

In the examples provided you can see a project we completed for a bus depot. From the pictures u can see the enormous amount of space required to fit all these larger sized vehicles in.

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