Safety Markings

Warehouses and workshops can be hazardous areas. Safety markings help minimize the risks by increasing awareness and visibility. Such markings can range from simple lines traced around machinery or to grids painted where high risk areas are located. All these markings serve to protect your workers, visitors, or customers from serious injuries.


The crosswalk is used to define an area where people will be walking across the traffic flow. It is used to heighten awareness in order to increase public safety.

Crosswalks come in a variety of colors and styles. Below you can see examples of some of the options available. Please keep in mind that each unit can be adapted to suit your own needs.

Warning Grids

Warning grids are areas that are marked usually in yellow to denote high risk areas. These risks could be from vehicles, or from other dangers such as dangerous chemicals or fuels, or from direct physical danger from being shot. Such is the case of entering a "no go" area in front of a maximum security prison. The warning grid is there for the public safety in all these incidences.

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