Schools and Recreation

Schools and recreation facilities usually require extra attention and care because they are frequented by children as well as adults.

Bus lanes and pick-up lanes helps increase the safety of children by clearly defining those particular areas.

Safety is just one of our concerns, the physical activities for children and adults is another area we have ventured into. We provide a number of activities layouts such as track and field lines, basketball and tennis courts, hopscotch and squareball grids, as well as the ability to layout other outside play areas.

Bus Lanes

Having clearly defined bus lanes promotes the safety our children and other pedestrians. When bus lanes are in place, other traffic is required to avoid these areas and thereby decrease the risk of collision with pedestrians.

Pickup/Dropoff Lanes

Pick up and drop off lanes are primarally used in school applications but can be used for other sites as well. These lanes designate areas near the entrances where students will be entering or exiting the facility. The benefit is two-fold; it helps keep traffic flowing, as well as heightens the awareness which increases child safety.

Track And Field

Track and field is an important part of the development of children into adulthood. Not only is the exercise important but the competition and comradery can help mold young minds to setting goals and working as as a unit or team. There are many sports that make up track and field events. In the example below you can see a well layed out running track.

Tennis Courts

The tennis court is a great recreational device as well as a place to interact socially. The sport has many variations, from singles to mixed doubles. The pleasure and exercise that a tennis court can provide is only limited by the weather and the amount of time available to spend on it.

Basketball Courts

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around, and a mainstay for schools and recreation facilities everywhere. We can implement a court for you using single colors or a combination of colors for a more dramatic or aesthetic look.





Popular with younger children, hopscotch is an age old activity that keeps kids active while encouraging basic math skills.


Square Ball, Four Square, Or Kings Corner

This game has many names but the basic principles are the same. This activity is quite popular among the elementary students. It is a simple layout requiring only the painted squares and numbers and a large bouncing ball, either a kickball or basketball being the usual choice. This game will provide for hours of fun and recreation.

Street Hockey

Ah hockey, Canada's National pastime. The game is played by almost every Canadian at some point in their lives. Whether it be on a rink inside the local arena, a shovelled off patch of ice on the lake, or a backyard hose creation, hockey provides great exercise and hours of fun.

Street hockey is just another version played either on foot or on rollerblades, with a plastic or rubber ball instead of a puck. Below you can see an example of a street hockey layout.  

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