Curbs and Bumpstops

The curbs in most layouts can be augmented by adding color. For either safety or personalization, you may choose this service with your layout.

Barriers provide a physical obstruction for either safety or security reasons and adding color adds to their visibility. The bumpstop on its own can help deter vehicles from encroaching upon pedestrian areas or other areas where vehicles may propose a risk. Color can add to their visibility to help prevent vehicle damage as well as to define or personalize parking areas.


The curbs say a lot within a complex or in lanes. A yellow curb can be used to prevent parking in certain areas or as a cautionary color to define the curb and prevent vehicle damage.

Curbs can also be painted in white, red or blue. Red would be used in extreme danger areas or in designated fire lanes. However all colors can be used just to compliment the site plan.


When a curb is not sufficient means to avert traffic or block areas, a concrete barrier may be required. Barriers painted in yellow are highly visible and naturally draw attention.

Barriers, however can be painted in any color, with the primary colors being yellow, white, blue or red. Any other colors would be considered a special order.

Bump Stops

The bump stop used as a passive reminder to motorists stop when their wheels come into contact. Primarily painted in yellow for high visibilty or in blue to denote a handicap stall, may also be painted in a variety of colors to match site colors or corporate colours.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are used in a variety of places but all serve to promote slower speeds by motorists. This is done to increase the safety of pedestrians, prevent shortcutting through sites, street racing, and many other activities that would impair the enjoyment of the customers or tenants of a site or complex.

Speed bumps are primarily painted yellow for high visibility, however sometimes yellow stripes are used either to frame the bump or diagonally across the bump. Sometimes, the speed bump is painted in white. Occasionally the speed bump may also serve a dual purpose as shown among the examples below where it serves as a water

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