For the most part, stencils when required consist of either letters or numbers. However there may be the need for symbols in some instances. We have a huge inventory of the most common stencils required in the industry. Sometimes however, we may not have a stencil that may be required for your application. In those cases, we would be happy to create a stencil that suits your needs. We can either provide this as a part of our inventory with a nominal charge or you may inquire about purchasing the stencil(s) outright.


Numbered stencils are of course just that, using the digits from 0-9 we can stencil any combination of numbers to suit your individual site. The numbers we use for most applications are twelve inches tall but we can also provide you with numbers much larger. Our fonts are easy to read and professional looking to provide your site with a complimentary finished look.


Letters are our of course the foundation of the human language. Using lettered stencils we can either personalize individual stalls or standardize a group of stalls. We also use lettered stencils to define no parking areas and fire lanes as well as a host of other applications. We have letters ranging in various sizes to ensure your site will have a defined professional looking finished touch.


Symbols are simply pictures used instead of words. We can provide you with almost any symbol you require for your needs. Below you will see examples of different symbols. Please keep in mind that just because it is not pictured below does not mean we cannot do it.

Accessibility Symbols

The accessibility symbol is a standardized symbol used to designate parking for persons with special needs. Usually the stall is a bit larger to accommodate the variety of vehicle conversions that are available.

The symbol can be used in either yellow or white with or without a background. The background can either be a simple one colour background or can be painted with a border. We have included several examples below for your perusal.


Arrows are used in a variety of applications. They generally are used to denote direction but may also be incorporated into logos or used as indicators.

Bike Path

This symbol denotes a route designated for bicycles and is usually marked in the brochures for bikers. However this symbol can also be used for private bike paths or in logos.

Custom Stencils

In addition to our huge library of standardized stencils we can also design and fabricate custom stencils for your individual needs. These stencils can range from a simple numerical or letter stencil or a combination of both to elaborate stencils that incorporate company logos or unique symbols. We can also do stencils in other languages for custom purposes.

When custom stencils are required, please feel free to contact us and share your ideas and thoughts. We will be happy to work with you to come up with a professional looking result that will compliment your site.

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