Warehouse / Shipping

Loading docks, freight lines, skid rows, all are parts of a busy warehouse environment. We can assist you by helping you increase visibility of these areas for workers and drivers.

The loading dock with the addition of lines can greatly increase the visibility of the area that trucks are or will be parking in. Increasing visibility increases safety and increases awareness of the trucking lanes.

Freight lines clearly indicate areas that will be used for the storage of goods ready for market or items to be shipped.

Skid rows allow shippers to make effective use of staging areas in order to increase productivity and safety in their areas. Clearly defined rows will ensure that walking areas and product areas

Loading Docks

The loading dock is the link from warehouse to transit of almost all our the products we buy daily. Having well marked loading docks decreases damage to trucks and buildings and increases safety. The simple loading dock lines allow drivers to guide their huge machines with more care. Adding chock blocks and wheel markings increases the drivers awareness of his surroundings.

The loading plates as well can be painted to provide protection from rust and for presentation. The loading doors themselves can also be marked with numbers to increase productivity and visibility for both drivers and loaders.

Freight Lines

Freight lines are a very useful tool for shipping. They provide areas where warehouse employees can stage loads prior to loading trucks. This increases safety as well as reduces time spent for checking shipping manifests. Having a designated lane for each load also benefits the drivers because having the load pre-staged decreases the loading time for trucks.

Skid Rows

Skid rows are designated areas in warehouses to prepare loads for trucks or areas for storing merchandise on skids. Having clearly defined staging areas and storage areas increases productivity as well as safety. The colors may vary from site to site but the most common is yellow due to it's high visibility.


Safety Markings

Warehouses and workshops can be hazardous areas. Safety markings help minimize the risks by increasing awareness and visibility. Such markings can range from simple lines traced around machinery or to grids painted where high risk areas are located. All these markings serve to protect your workers, visitors, or customers from serious injuries



Safety Rails are generally used to provide maximum safety in busy traffic areas for pedestrians or equipment. Having clearly marked, high visibility colors ensures that loading and warehouse personnel are aware of its presence.


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