Our Equipment & Materials

We use quality airless spraying equipment to provide you with the best possible result for your site. All of sprayers are maintained on a regular basis for consistent spray patterns. The pictures below are pictures of the equipment we use. We rarely use brushes or rollers, except for minor touch ups. These machines require a certain amount of clearance and it is for this reason (as well as for safety and final results) that we require all vehicles to be cleared from the site to be painted.

PowrLiner 4000 and PowrLiner 5500

Hand Sprayer (Not to scale of PowrLiner)

We use quality chlorinated rubber paint which is the same material used in highway applications. This compound ensures that your site's layout will last the optimum amount of time for the conditions in your area. In some rare cases, we can use latex based paints (see Special Projects,Mission Raceway) in low traffic areas. This is a special order and only suggested for areas that will be in colors that are not available in chlorinated rubber. The colors we use primarily are white, yellow, red, grey, black, and blue.

Pacific Laser Systems

We now use laser products for layout where possible. This ensures faster layouts with the best possible accuracy depending on lot conditions. Best used indoors or for overnight jobs.
We used the laser line when painting parking stalls in the new underground parkade at the Langley Casino and Convention Centre (see photos below) and it has now become an essential and valued tool!








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